AWAN has an independent team of experienced audio consultants with presence in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai – who offer practical solutions for sound clarity and noise control for spaces.

We provide audio design, planning and implementation services to engineers, facility managers, architects and property owners. Awan’s team includes acoustical consultants, sound engineers, noise consultants and technicians with vast experience.

Our audio design services include:
Design, planning, and pre-construction consultation
Measurement and monitoring of environmental noise
Architectural audio design and noise control
Environmental noise control
Consultation for vibration isolatio

Awan has completed more than 200 successful audio design projects, including theaters, houses of worship, conference centers, airports and stadiums in various locations in India.

Our initial projects were limited to small and mid-range audio design projects in close coordination with large integrators. As we learnt more about the technology with every new project, Awan’s experience and capabilities extended to acoustic design for larger projects with independent responsibility.

Awan’s strength lies in detailed plan drawings and design documentation, which helps us estimate costs and deliver within decided timelines.

All projects are managed with principal attention, professional respect and a goal of complete, mutual success regardless of project size, scope or difficulty.

This page is only equipped to show the pictures and description. But we invite you to visit any of our past projects and experience the sound to really know about our workmanship.

Check out our projects or let us know your location for us to guide you to the nearest project.