Designing audio for educational institutions offers some unique challenges. The speech has to be crystal clear to every person in the audience irrespective of the seating area. The aesthestic requirement of most venues demand that the speakers and cables be inconspicuous.

The crucial points for educational venues are:

Echo: Most building design feature high roof spaces which accentuate the echo effect, which affects the sound clarity.

Speech: Speech clarity is an absolute must and should not be affected by noise factors in the background.

Reducing the echo effect and other noise to deliver clear speech is the main deliverable, which depends heavily on high quality audio systems.

Fine quality of speech helps the students grasp knowledge and thoughts in an effective manner, raising the value of classes manifold. AWAN brings in the experience in designing the best quality audio for colleges and educational segments.


  • One-stop audio design and implementation partner
  • Detailed plan to balance aesthetics and acoustics
  • Great team that sticks to the promised schedule
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