Concert venues offer some unique challenges – huge number of people, noise due to crowd and echo due to building design. The speech and musical notes should be crystal clear to every person in the audience irrespective of the seating area.

The three crucial points are:

Echo: Most concert venues are either closed stadiums which generate the echo effect, or large open spaces where concentrating sound to an audience in the middle is a challenge.

Music: When multiple voice and instrument channels are mixed, there are increasing chances of screeching and other disturbing noises, which can leave a bad experience with the audience.

Speech: The speech has to be clear to the audience and should not be affected by noise factors in the background.

Safety: Large crowds gathered at one space is always a safety challenge, and the right zone paging system is a must for addressing specific areas within the large spaces.

Reducing the echo effect and other noise to deliver crystal clear speech and music is the main deliverable, which depends heavily on high quality audio systems.

AWAN offers professional audio system for concert venues, with professionals having experience and commitment in designing and implementing the finest quality audio for large concert venues. Just let us know your project requirements in the form here, and we will get in touch quickly to discuss further.


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