The speech on zone paging system has to reach intended people with clarity irrespective of the background noise. Inconspicuous placement of the speakers and cables are a demand to cater the aesthestic requirements of the space. The background music must offer soothing sound that comforts not just the patients in pain but also others who attend to the patients.

Resolving these acoustical issues helps create a caring and comforting environment that promotes healing. Reducing the echo and other noise to deliver clear speech is the main deliverable, which depends heavily on high quality audio systems. Fine quality of speech and music keeps the patients and attenders in a relaxed and comforting state of mind. AWAN brings in the experience in designing the best quality audio for such spaces.

Audio design for hospitals and medical centers offer it’s own unique challenges – noise and echo are common issues encountered.

AWAN India provides high-end professional audio system for hospitals, clinics and medical centers, with design, consultancy and turnkey delivery.

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