The video design projects needs a clear understanding of the working of video technology and business needs. This helps plan a proposal which delivers on the client’s expectations, yet stays true to the sanctioned budget.

Awan has completed successful video design projects, including multiplexes in various locations in India.

Our video design services include:
Design, planning, and pre-construction consultation
Measurement and monitoring of environmental noise
Architectural video design and noise control
Environmental noise control
Consultation for vibration isolation

Our strength lies in detailed video design plan drawings and audio design documentation, which helps us estimate costs and deliver the project within decided timelines. All projects are managed with principal attention, professional respect and a goal of complete, mutual success regardless of project size, scope or difficulty.

We use acoustical modeling that helps us understand the impact of transportation, air traffic, people, and other environmental noise sources — and helps us design better acoustical environments.

This page is only equipped to show the pictures and description. But we invite you to visit any of our past video projects and experience the sound to really know about our workmanship.

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