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The Main Objective of "Online Cini Association" is to provide a platform for recruiting or hiring the talents for new films, often by the production team. When it does, teams have to quickly tap into an existing Network of Qualified candidates.

This system includes the production team on the one hand and Candidates like actors, Comedians, dancers, Musicians, Technicians etc.. on the other hand. The Online Cini Association is a system to manage the hiring activities which is a much easier method than arrangements of Physical interactions.

The Online Cini Association allows users to post information and browse profiles, Notifications to the Selected Candidate & Organize the interviews, audition Schedules and this professional web application can be a great way to Source the Candidates.

Production Units are the main recruiter who can create Film/TV projects, list all requirements of recruitment with job description, send job opportunity notifications to candidates which match their requirements, browse candidates and finally run a selection process to complete hiring required talents from the software.


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